Essen-Based Database Pioneers Revolutionizing the Fintech Ecosystem in Germany

Located in the heart of Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, a number of dynamic companies are making their mark in the global FinTech industry. Creating innovative products and solutions based on sophisticated databases, these firms are shaping the future of many sectors, including Human Resources, Marketing, Software, Internet, Market Research, Security, Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, and Information Technology. This article presents a glimpse into these companies’ profiles, their key offerings, and how they are redefining their respective spaces.

In this bustling city, the database industry has been a key area of economic growth, with companies leveraging cutting-edge technology, deep expertise, and innovative thinking to revolutionize their sectors. From Elite’s focus on Human Resources and Marketing to Infopolaris’s venture into the realms of Industrial automation and Security, the diversity in their vision is truly inspiring.

Here’s a deep dive into six companies that have been making waves in the database industry, each with its unique approach to leveraging data for business and technological gains.


The Elite company has made a name for creating high-quality solutions in the database, Human Resources, and Marketing industries. While details about their founders are not available, their robust presence on the digital platform and their impact speak volumes about their contribution to the industry.

Numetris AG

Through its work in the Billing, Database, and Software industries, Numetris AG has exhibited innovation and agility, ultimately impacting businesses across Germany and beyond. Their website offers deeper insights into its operations.

Confield Research

A player in the Database, Internet, and Market Research sectors, Confield Research strikes a balance between data and research. Their services and products have achieved formidable strides in the realm of market research driven by data.


HERAKOM brings a modular measurement system that serves a wide range of tasks in the acquisition, analysis of faults, and evaluation in WAN/LAN networks. Specializing in various platforms such as ISDN, TCP/IP, SIP, DNS connections, etc., their offerings include services in Consulting, Database, Security, and Telecommunications sectors.


Infopolaris is known for its services in the maintenance of server and client systems, expansion of IT infrastructure, software and hardware procurement, and telephone and on-site support. They operate in the Database, Industrial Automation, Security, and Software industries.


Rechenwerk is an Essen-based company that has made its mark in the database, Information Technology, and Software industries. Their website offers more details about their operations.

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