Emerging Cryptocurrency Pioneers Shaping Fintech From San Juan, Puerto Rico

Known for its pristine beaches, warm climate and historic charm, San Juan, Puerto Rico has recently emerged as a hotspot for cutting-edge FinTech companies in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This cosmopolitan Caribbean gem is proving to be an enclave not just for sun-seeking tourists but for startups and businesses innovating within the rapidly-growing digital currency industry. Here, we highlight some key players that have set up shop in San Juan, driving the future of finance forward while making significant waves within the crypto ecosystem.

These companies, several of which have global operations, are harnessing the transformative potential of blockchain technology in a multitude of ways. From digital banking, asset management, payment solutions, to pioneering developments in NFTs (non-fungible tokens), these entities are carving out their niche and demonstrating the tremendous versatility of this technology. They exemplify how blockchain and cryptocurrencies hold the key to more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective financial solutions that are accessible to all.

Owing to the city’s strategic location, competitive cost of living, and ease of doing business, San Juan offers an attractive environment for these trailblazing firms. Let’s delve into the profiles of these companies and explore how they are reshaping the financial landscape with cutting-edge technology and refreshing ingenuity.

Zenus Bank

Founded by Mushegh Tovmasyan, Zenus Bank aims to make banking an inclusive and hassle-free experience for everyone, irrespective of their location. Headquartered in San Juan, the bank operates across the United States, Europe, and South America. Zenus offers a robust digital platform for remote account creation, Visa debit cards and a suite of financial services tailored to the needs of the internationally active individuals and businesses. Bringing in cutting-edge banking tech and innovation, Zenus aims to transcend geographical boundaries and open up US banking to a global audience. Follow Zenus Bank on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

Immutable Holdings Inc.

A conglomerate of industry-leading businesses within the digital assets ecosystem, Immutable Holdings strives to demystify and democratize digital assets. Co-founded by Jordan Fried and Kyle Armour, the company pioneers products and services to increase the understanding and adoption of digital assets. Immutable’s portfolio includes, Immutable Asset Management, 1-800-Bitcoin, HBAR Labs,, and Immutable Advisory – all targeting different market opportunities in the digital asset space. Follow Immutable Holdings on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Hyperion is an all-inclusive financial app for small businesses. Founded by Demibán Díaz Torres and Hector Ayala, the San Juan-based platform integrates crucial financial services in a mobile application. Hyperion provides swift business validation, cash management, B2B payments, financial reports, and a business network at its users’ disposal. The firm aims to deliver a simplified and comprehensive finance solution to businesses. Stay updated with Hyperion on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


FairBank is a digital banking platform bridging the gap between traditional and modern, peer-to-peer financial services. Targeting the ‘average consumer,’ the company focuses on accessibility, compliance, and security. It offers a robust digital identity stack for KYC and AML compliance, boasting the latest advancements and international standards. By putting powerful and advanced finance tools at the fingertips of the common user, FairBank seeks to overcome the roadblocks hindering the mainstream adoption of crypto assets.

Co-founded by David J. Namdar, Jordan Fried, and Kyle Armour, is another unique venture based in San Juan operating in the cryptocurrency space. capitalizes on the rising trend of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), offering solutions in this fast-evolving domain. It provides an innovative platform for trading and showcasing digital art and NFT collectibles. Stay connected with on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Coral DeFi is an investment platform with a focus on digital assets and on-chain financial applications. Founded by David J. Namdar, Patrick Horsman, and Thomas McLaughlin, the firm taps into the rapidly growing market of on-chain financial apps. Coral offers investors thoughtful exposure to a variety of return profiles and durations. The company’s primary operation lies in generating yield or acquiring tokens in emerging protocols. Stay connected with Coral DeFi on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Qondado, LLC – Digital Debit Group

Qondado, helmed by Edward Robles and William Grecia, provides a peer-to-peer transaction app, Digital Debit. The application offers instant, low cost, off blockchain bitcoin transactions with on-the-second local currency value translations. Qondado’s Digital Debit ecosystem operates server-less on AWS, emphasizing the firm’s commitment to user convenience and cost-effectiveness. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store. Connect with Qondado on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Producers Token

Producers Token takes a unique approach to blockchain technology by decentralizing the agricultural value chain. Co-founded by Dermot Doherty and Keith Agoada, the firm is passionate about addressing the exploitation of agricultural producers, the ecosystem, and financial wellbeing. Their belief is that the advent of digital technology, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain solutions can usher in a new, fairer model aligning global values of transparency and equity. Stay connected with Producers Token on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

PayTrue Solutions

PayTrue Solutions is a significant player in the realms of Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Information Technology, Insurance, and Software.

Immutable Asset Management

Immutable Asset Management offers solutions for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals looking for exposure to digital assets. Co-founded by Jordan Fried and Kyle Armour, the company provides a secure and effective platform for digital asset investments. Connect with Immutable Asset Management on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Pyxal, founded by Justin Breen, is the creator of the world’s first wearable jewelry piece that changes with your mood. With the Pyxal pendant and the Pyxalverse Marketplace, the company connects art lovers to talented artists worldwide. Pyxal offers a remarkable way to showcase your favorite digital art and NFT collectibles. Follow Pyxal on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more info.

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