Emerging Bitcoin Enterprises Thriving in Berlin’s Dynamic Fintech Ecosystem

As one of the leading global hubs for technology, creativity, and innovation, Berlin, Germany, is also home to a thriving Bitcoin industry. Companies in this space are spearheading the fintech revolution by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency. From transaction processing services to open-source blockchain databases and banking solutions, these startups are turning Berlin into a Bitcoin powerhouse. In this article, we will spotlight several noteworthy companies in this dynamic industry, providing a snapshot of their operations, founders, and contributions to the fintech sector.

The Bitcoin industry companies of focus are diverse, encompassing fields such as transaction processing, big data, open-source blockchain databases, banking services, and many more. While these organizations operate in different domains, they share a common commitment to innovation and a vision for a decentralized, secure, and inclusive financial ecosystem. Whether it’s empowering individuals to manage their wealth or building the ‘ownership layer of the internet,’ these companies are defining the future of fintech.

Let’s delve into the unique aspects of each of these companies and explore how they are leveraging Bitcoin and related technologies to transform the financial landscape. Each company profile will include a brief bio, contact information, and a link to the company’s website and social media channels.


Founded by Felix Harms and Marcel Katenhusen, Februar specializes in developing payment solutions for the fintech industry. The company enables users to purchase any token or NFT they want, fueling the growth of digital asset ownership. Learn more about the Februar team and their developments on the company’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Co-founders Bruce Pon, Masha McConaghy, and Trent McConaghy have built BigchainDB into a powerhouse in the big data realm. The company’s scalable blockchain database offers decentralization and immutability, enabling the development of large-scale applications across various industries. Follow BigchainDB on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.


Founded by Benjamin Jones, Jan Goslicki, Jorg von Minckwitz, and Niels Doerje, Nuri is on a mission to empower individuals to manage and grow their wealth through innovative technologies. Stay connected with Nuri’s progress on their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.


Co-founded by Dennis Daiber and Jan Goslicki, Bitwala operates in the realms of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and FinTech, catering to the ever-growing demands of the digital economy. You can follow Bitwala’s ventures on their Twitter page.


Ascribe, founded by Bruce Pon, Masha McConaghy, and Trent McConaghy, provides an online platform for artists to securely attribute and share their digital creations. Follow Ascribe on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for more.


Founded by Thomas Voegtlin, Electrum is a Bitcoin client offering users the ability to recover their wallet from a secret phrase, safeguarding against backup mistakes or computer failures. Connect with them on Facebook and their Twitter page.


Co-founders Brian Fabian Crain and Sebastien Couture lead Epicenter, a company that operates in the Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Information Technology spaces. They can be followed on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Founded by Mark Preuß, BTC-ECHO is a digital media platform offering latest news about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. Stay updated with BTC-ECHO through their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


Established by Erasmus Hagen and Levin Keller, Coyno provides Bitcoin bookkeeping software, helping businesses maintain regulatory compliance. Follow them on Facebook and their Twitter page.

Founded by Duc Dang, offers a free cryptocurrency taxation tool and portfolio manager. Get the latest updates from via their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Founder Andreas Schmidt’s is a cryptocurrency listing platform aiding both amateur and professional traders. For updates, follow them on LinkedIn.

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