Discovering Pioneering Bitcoin Innovators Headquartered in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California, a global city known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, and the entertainment industry, is also becoming a hotspot for companies operating in the Bitcoin industry. The city is home to an increasing number of startups and established firms leveraging Bitcoin’s technology to transform sectors such as finance, retail, and e-commerce. Among the many benefits of Los Angeles as a Bitcoin hub include access to a large tech-savvy population, a robust investment environment, and proximity to important technological and financial decision-makers.

In this series, we focus on some of the prominent Bitcoin companies headquartered in Los Angeles. We explore their offerings, their unique selling propositions, and how they are impacting the industry. Each of these companies embodies the spirit of innovation and passion for technological advancement that characterizes the Bitcoin industry.

These companies are not just champions of cryptocurrency; they are advocates for a future defined by greater decentralization, autonomy, and financial inclusivity. They represent the continuing momentum and optimism for Bitcoin in Los Angeles and beyond.


Founded by Konstantin Richter, Blockdaemon is a blockchain deployment facilitator managing nodes and payment rails for blockchain networks. It provides fully portable solutions, enabling users to switch networks and chains at the click of a button. Supporting the blockchain developer ecosystem with top-tier dev-ops advice, Blockdaemon is making strides in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere. Connect with Blockdaemon on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.


SFOX, co-founded by Akbar Thobhani and George Melika, is a cryptocurrency prime dealer. Catering to professional traders and institutional investors, SFOX offers potential for higher returns when trading large volumes through smart routing and a global integrated order book. SFOX is on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


OpenNode, co-founded by Afnan Rahman, Brandon Lewis, and João Almeida, is revolutionizing the way e-commerce businesses process bitcoin payments through its easy-to-use plugin solution. By facilitating new payment models and instantaneous settlements, OpenNode is bridging the gap between blockchain and everyday transactions. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


CannCo aims to transform the legal cannabis industry by leveraging blockchain technology to overcome numerous challenges. With a focus on enhancing customer experience and supporting businesses growth, CannCo aims to streamline processes through its integrated business solutions powered by their native token, the CannCoin. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hana Commercial Finance (“HCFI”)

Founded by Sunnie Kim, HCFI is a banking and financial services firm. HCFI can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Lightspark is dedicated to extending the capabilities and utility of Bitcoin, with a significant presence in the cryptocurrency sphere. More about Lightspark can be found on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Co-founded by Jesse Fischer, Maurice Mizrahi, and Peter Sokolow, Tashe offers cryptocurrency and fiat money liquidation services.


Martin Rerak founded tokensquare, a beta deployment of BFF FEED. This platform, designed to be modular for deployment across various verticals, curates content from thousands of publications, research articles, YouTube channels, and Twitter posts with expert and machine scoring and filtering. Follow tokensquare on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


CryptoFX-24 specializes in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency services, contributing significant value to the Bitcoin industry in Los Angeles.

Eobot Inc

Eobot Inc provides Bitcoin exchange and mining services to over 600K customers, helping to make Bitcoin easy to use. Eobot Inc can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


BBCN Bank is also leveraging Bitcoin’s technology to transform financial services and venture capital.

The abovementioned companies reflect the Bitcoin boom happening in Los Angeles today. By leveraging leading-edge technologies and innovative ways of thinking, these firms are paving the way for a decentralized and open future defined by Bitcoin.

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