Cleveland Database Firms Revolutionizing Ohio’s Booming Fintech Industry

In the heart of the American Midwest, Cleveland, Ohio, is making waves in the database industry. Pioneering firms specializing in big data, business intelligence, health care, software, and more are calling the city home. As part of our ongoing series highlighting these innovative companies, we focus in this article on ten Cleveland-based businesses that are deploying state-of-the-art database technologies to transform their respective industries.

Building everything from clinician data networks and large-scale data tagging platforms to dental databases and relocation consulting firms, these companies exemplify the dynamism and creativity of Cleveland’s technology sector. Regardless of where they operate – be it in healthcare or consulting, asset management or printing – these firms are leveraging cutting-edge database technologies to revolutionize their industries and redefine what’s possible.

Below we provide a brief overview of each company, highlighting their industry, founders, description, website, and social media profiles. Some have made a significant imprint on their sector, while others are just starting their exciting journey. If you’re interested in learning more about each firm, feel free to follow the links provided.


Founded by Aaron Cornell and Charlie Lougheed in 2018, Axuall is a workforce intelligence company that developed its business operating in the fields of Big Data, Business Intelligence, Database, Health Care, Information Technology, and Software, based on a national real-time Clinician Data Network. It connects health systems to a vast array of data, providing insights for network planning, analytics, and reporting.

90West Data

Launched in 2019 by John Farrall and Patrick Hearns, 90West Data is a company that provides a software platform for the tagging, cleansing, and contextualization of large data sets. Through their technological service, they sell data, reports, analysis, and services based on derived transaction data.

OpinionRoute LLC

OpinionRoute LLC is a Cleveland-based company that operates in consulting, data integration, and database. They have managed to create a major impact in their field.


Offering an array of IT solutions, 4TechWorks provides high-quality services in java-based frameworks, open-source technologies, cloud-based development, end-to-end integration, networks and system security, and database and warehouse technology.

Hkm Direct Mkt Communications

Hkm Direct Mkt Communications is an industry leader in offering a variety of IT solutions. From offset printing, graphic design, database management to printing technology, this company has a broad range of services.


Working in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Database, and Information Technology, AnswerPoint is a pioneering company based in the steel heart of Cleveland.

A forerunner in the Information Technology and Internet industry, offers unbeatable services in web hosting and database management.

Dental Lists

Dental Lists caters to the healthcare sector with a complete database for the dental industry. Their services extend from email delivery management to direct mail marketing.

Relocation Specialists

Relocation Specialists is a consulting firm offering transition planning and move management services. They offer a wide range of services including procurement, budget development, and inventory control and tracking.

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