Brooklyn’s Trailblazing Blockchain Firms Transforming the New York Fintech Landscape


Blockchain technology has opened a new horizon in the FinTech industry, transforming how businesses operate in the digital world. The industry has seen significant growth and development in the past few years with numerous companies deploying this innovative technology. Among them, Brooklyn, New York has emerged as a hub for several global blockchain companies that are leading the revolution. The following are some of the notable ones.


ConsenSys, founded by Chris Lewicki, Donnie Benjamin, Joseph Lubin, and Kishore Atreya, is a renowned Ethereum software web3 company. Their products help developers and businesses worldwide to construct next-gen applications and launch modern financial infrastructure. With products like Infura, Quorum, and Codefi, ConsenSys services millions of users and supports billions of transaction queries. For more information, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ava Labs

Ava Labs, the brainchild of Emin Gün Sirer and Maofan Ted Yin, make it simple to launch finance applications using their highly scalable blockchain networks. They are committed to building a democratic internet of finance that is simple and open. Connect with Ava Labs via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


A novel contender in the blockchain and fashion industry is SYKY. It is a next-generation luxury fashion platform redefining the standards of fashion with its unique approach. Check out their latest updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Gauntlet, established by Rei Chiang and Tarun Chitra, is a blockchain simulation testing platform revolutionizing the fintech world. Its simulation platform tests client’s protocol or smart contract, optimizing financial systems’ design and performance. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Kadena is a hybrid blockchain platform, founded by Stuart Popejoy and William Martino that offers sharded and scalable layer-1 PoW public network. The founders previously built JP Morgan’s first blockchain and now, they aim to bridge the gap between Bitcoin’s scaling challenges and Ethereum’s security issues. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.


Founded by James Hormuzdiar, Kieren James Lubin, and Victor Wong, BlockApps is a Blockchain as a Service company, facilitating enterprises and startups to adopt blockchain technology through its platform, BlockApps STRATO. Catch their updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Decrypt, the work of Ilan Hazan and James Dyer, is a media platform dedicated to blockchain, focusing on culture, technology, business, education, politics, and art. Stay connected with Decrypt on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Bison Trails

Bison Trails, founded by Aaron Henshaw and Joseph Lallouz, is a company that provides secure infrastructure for multiple blockchains. It promises 99.99% uptime for node operators with its technology platform. Reach out to Bison Trails on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jeremy Sutton, Sebastien Henot, and Yann Barbarroux, OTONOMI is a blockchain-based platform transforming cargo insurance policies — reducing claim resolution times by 75%. OTONOMI is ushering in a new era of advanced risk scenario capabilities, enabling unparalleled profitability with its dynamic pricing. Connect with OTONOMI on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Stobox, co-founded by Borys Pikalov, Gene Deyev, and Ross Shemeliak, is an award-winning company that provides technology and consulting services for digital assets and tokenized securities. You can find more about Stobox on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


PartyDAO is an innovative decentralized platform that specializes in building multiplayer crypto software. Founded in 2021, PartyDAO promotes advocacy for blockchain technology as a tool for democratizing digital spaces.


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