Blockchain Innovations: Profiling Rome-Based Fintech Companies Leading the Charge

Roma, Italy is renowned for its rich historical heritage, enchanting landscapes and delectable cuisine. However, what many may not be aware of is the city’s burgeoning blockchain industry. Roma is home to several cutting-edge blockchain companies which are reshaping how we interact with the world around us. From finance to gaming, insurance to artificial intelligence, these companies are leaving indelible marks in their respective industries. Let’s delve into some of the most noteworthy among them:

With the recent fintech explosions, it has also become apparent that the blockchain industry is far from a mono-sectorial phenomenon. As such, we will examine these Roma-based companies, not only in light of their blockchain applications, but also in the wider context of their industry niches.

To adequately explore this nexus of technological innovation and industry facelift, we will be profiling ten premier blockchain companies domiciled in Roma. In doing so, we will consider their origins, operational spheres and critical contributions to their specific industries and the blockchain diaspora at large.


Founded by Elio Mungo and Massimo Ciaglia, Poleecy specializes in offering blockchain-backed insurance services. The company thrives in the intersection of Auto Insurance, Blockchain, Commercial Insurance, Fintech, Health Insurance, Insurance, InsurTech and Property Insurance. Their unique value proposition lies in their ability to sell policies using digital channels which are blockchain-recorded and designed to cover well-known risks for short periods of time. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Venturing into the space of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Media, Finance and Video, Andrea DeBartolis took the lead to found Crowducers. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to keep up with their latest developments.


Operating in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Online Games sectors, Besteam has carved out a niche for them in these demanding markets. You can engage with them further on LinkedIn and via their Twitter handle, @besteam_io.


Founded by Marcello Morena, Syscake works to develop technological tools for updating companies with a focus on Blockchain, Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Mobile Apps. They also develop solutions based on both public and private blockchains. Get more details on their LinkedIn page.


A brainchild of Pierpaolo Foderà, Adamantic operates within the realms of Blockchain, Internet of Things, Software, and Training. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@adamantic_io).

Champion coins

Champion coins is making waves in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Virtual Currency industry with its token of champions. The coin is used to purchase goods and services and as a payment method supported by past and present athletes. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@coinofchampions).


Deeplab delves into Advice, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Information Technology to provide cutting edge services. Keep up with them on their LinkedIn page.


Sensers is a consulting company specializing in Blockchain, Consulting, and Virtual Currency. Their unique multisided platform connects diverse participants and provides intermediary services.

Humanativa Group

Humanativa Group integrates Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Information Technology, Machine Learning and Software solutions for professionals and enterprises. Find out more about their offerings on their LinkedIn page.


Specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Blockchain, and Information Technology, IDK is shaping the business landscape with its unique offerings. You can follow their activities closer on their LinkedIn page.

Hyper Foundry

Last but not least, Hyper Foundry brings to the table a blend of Blockchain, Consulting, and Marketing expertise. Stay updated on their activities by following them on LinkedIn.

While these companies are diverse in their operations, they all share a common denominator; Their innovative use of blockchain technology is reshaping their respective industries and setting the pace for other players to follow. Roma, Italy is indeed a hotbed of blockchain innovation.

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