Bengaluru’s Innovative FinTech Leaders Transforming India’s Digital Finance Landscape

Bengaluru, known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, this dazzling city is the birthplace of multiple pioneering fintech companies revolutionising India’s financial sector. Many fintech companies from Bengaluru have garnered global recognition for innovation, successful problem-solving approaches and their potential to transform people’s lives. Let’s decode the nine leading fintech companies headquartered in Bengaluru.

These companies stand out for their distinctive offerings in the realms of credit, financial services, electric vehicle finance, artificial intelligence, B2B solutions, and more, solving many financial issues customers face in India.

Here, we’ll not only uncover these companies’ profiles, but also the dynamic founders behind these groundbreaking ventures, showing how they are transforming Bengaluru into a global fintech hub.


Turno, a fintech startup, strives to provide transformative electric vehicle solutions. Founded by Hemanth Aluru and Sudhindra Reddy, the company provides diverse affordable financing options, battery value guarantees and vehicles from partner OEMs. They function with a noble mission – to replace gasoline miles with electric miles. This innovative company not only sells EVs provided by various brands, but also offers financial solutions and service of buying back used batteries.

Get more updates from Turno at Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Founded by Abhiroop Medhekar, Atul Khichariya, and Saurav Swaroop, Velocity is a unique platform that provides revenue-based financing to internet businesses, with the mission to build fintech’s future. They offer solutions designed for new-age businesses, specifically in India. Their latest updates can be found on Linkedin and Twitter., is an AI-empowered enterprise SaaS platform aiming to transform global B2B supply chain operations. It was founded by Raghu Venkat, Raghunath Subramanian, and Ramkumar Thirumurthi. Through strategic partnerships with financial institutions enables businesses to unlock phenomenal growth. Their updates can be found on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.


Rupifi by Ankit Singh, Anubhav Jain, and Jawaid Iqbal, is an innovative platform providing digital B2B solutions including loans, working capital, and payment services to small businesses. Connect with them through their Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter pages.


Ankit Ratan, Ankur Pandey, and Arpit Ratan have co-founded Signzy, a company that provides a no-code AI platform automating risk and compliance processes in the fintech industry. They are transforming compliance with algorithmic risk intelligence, digitalized contracts, real-time onboarding and more background checks.

Stay connected with Signzy on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.


BharatX, co-founded by Eeshan Sharma, Hrishikesh Bhargava, Mehul Nath Jindal, and Shyam Murugan, is on a mission to provide credit to users through smart tech integration. They offers products like “Buy Now, Pay Later”, “Credit Line”, “Try and Buy”, “Pay in 3”, “Postpaid”, etc. Their updates can be found on Twitter and Linkedin.


Gullak.Money aims to create an all-inclusive ecosystem of saving, making it accessible to all. Stay connected with them through their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.


OneCode, co-founded by Manish Shara and Yash Desai, is a fintech platform that builds trust through assisted sales. They connect digital-first brands with sellers to promote products and services to trust-deficit and less tech-savvy users. You can stay connected with them through their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin channels.

Kinara Capital

Kinara Capital, founded by Hardika Shah, provides flexible collateral-free loans to small business entrepreneurs. The company focuses on lending to growing businesses requiring funds for working capital, capital assets, and startup needs. Stay connected with Kinaracapital on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin channels.


CRED, founded by Kunal Shah, is a members-only credit card management and bill payment platform that rewards its users for paying their credit card bills on time. Stay connected with CRED on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin channels.


Fello, co-founded by Manish Maryada and Shourya Lala, is a savings and investment platform that offers better returns than traditional savings accounts. Get more updates from Fello on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.

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