Belo Horizonte’s Booming Fintech Scene: Pioneers in Brazilian Digital Finance

Belo Horizonte, capital of the picturesque state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, is bustling with financial technology innovation. This rapidly evolving psychographic landscape significantly contributes to Brazil’s burgeoning Fintech scene. Brazil is home to the highest number of Fintech startups in Latin America, with a healthy share originating from Belo Horizonte. It’s leading, innovating and breaking new ground in the immediate delivery of financial services. Replete with a multitude of companies making strides in banking, investments, financial services and more, Belo Horizonte is a hub beckoning attention. Let’s dive in deeper to explore some of these shining stars on the Belo Horizonte Fintech landscape.

Banco Inter

A brainchild of founders Marcos Alberto Cabaleiro Fernandez and Rubens Menin Teixeira de Souza, Banco Inter is a trailblazing subsidiary of Inter & Co., Inc. Founded in 1994, it provides comprehensive digital banking services. Its gamut of offerings include checking, personal, corporate, and microenterprise accounts along with loans, credit cards, and investment services. Find them on @bancointer on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Paulo Guimaraes helms BS2, a digital bank that provides financial and technology solutions. Through their unified app interface, customers can manage integrated digital and investment accounts, with balances in both domestic and foreign currency. Follow them on @Bs2Hub on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


As a leading VC firm in Latin America, SaaSholic is championing early-stage SaaS companies under the leadership of Diego Gomes and Gustavo Souza. Find them on @SaaSholic on Twitter and on LinkedIn.


With the shared vision of Eduardo Rodrigues Martins Ferreira and Rodrigo Hofman Jardim, ContSelf is laser-focused on transforming healthcare financing. They aim to infuse health care with innovative financial solutions to drive savings and improvements. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Toro Investimentos

Founded by Gabriel Kallas, Joao Augusto Ferreira Resende, and Marcio Placedino, Toro Investimentos is a leading fintech investment company. Toro provides customers with market know-how and investment opportunities. Find them on LinkedIn.


Online platform For was established by Gabriel Lima and Romulo Carvalho. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


SmarttBot, founded by Felipe Machado, Gabriel Vieira Lana, Leonardo Conegndes Martinez, and Mateus Lana, is a platform that allows investors to operate automated trades on Brazil’s stock exchange. Track them on @smarttbot on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Monetus empowers individual financial goal realisation through machine learning and behavioural economics. Founders Cesar Oliveira, Daniel Ferraz Calonge, Guilherme Brumer, and Vinicius Soares have carved a niché in creating personalised investment experiences. Connect with them on @Monetus on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Providing liquidity to precatório holders, Mercatório is Brazil’s first virtual trading platform. Track them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

eMotion Studios

As leaders in startup incubation, eMotion Studios builds and launches startups from the drawing board. This brainchild of Frederico Valente and Reinaldo Heleno offers shared resources and insights to aspiring entrepreneurs. You can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fitti Pagamentos

Last, but certainly not least, is Fitti Pagamentos. This innovative fintech startup offers an array of digital products and financial services. Founded by André Yukio and Diego Bomfim in January 2016, it is committed to usability and innovation. You can find them on @contafitti on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Belo Horizonte is not just rich in history and culture but is emerging as a formidable player in the Fintech industry. Providing innovative solutions across various facets of finance and technology, these companies are undoubtedly leading the charge into the future of financial services.

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