Beijing’s Pioneering Data Center Companies Transforming Global Fintech Landscape

Beijing, China, is a hub for technology innovations and home to several data center companies operating in various industries such as cloud computing, Information Technology, Data Storage, and many more. These companies provide cutting-edge technology solutions across different sectors in the fintech industry. Here, we are highlighting some top-notch companies in the data center industry based in Beijing.


21viaNet is a renowned provider of internet data center services since its establishment in 1996. Offering hosting and related services, cloud services, and business VPN services, 21viaNet is committed to improving its customers’ internet connections amidst its cutting-edge internet infrastructure. Co-founded by Sheng Chen, the company has its headquarters located in Beijing, China. Feel free to follow them on their social platforms, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tenglong Holding Group

Mainly providing global distributed data center in-depth customization services, Tenglong Holding Group also offers its customers value-added services such as cloud security, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and big data services. Co-founded by Shaolong Ren, the company seeks to invest, construct, and operate China’s next-generation cloud computing data center.


Yizhiyun is a leading cloud computing and cloud data services company based in Beijing.

Yunshan Networks

Yunshan Networks stands out as the first company to focus on SDN technology in cloud data centers’ industrial applications. Founded by Tianpeng ZHANG, Yaxuan Qi, Yuan LAI, the company offers an innovative SDN controller – “DeepFlow”, designed to aid the establishment of an open, intelligent network service platform in cloud computing data centers. Know more about their activities on their LinkedIn page.

China Telecom

China Telecom is a top state-owned telecom operator, providing integrated information services which include fixed-line telephone, mobile service, Internet connection, and more. Visit their social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to know more about their exciting services.


Co-founded by Wei Tao, Bochuangliandong aims to provide efficient commercial network data services and intelligent control system provider for vehicles.


Cewell operates in the data center industry and provides IT Infrastructure services and software solutions.

Asking Data

Co-founded by Peng Yan, Asking Data provides data analysis and predictions for enterprises.

OriPoint Security

OriPoint Security provides integrated and coordinated data security and personal information protection compliance requirements.

Dayu Technology

Dayu Technology pioneers in DPU products, committed to providing DPU services and products to promote an intelligent manner of agricultural production.


Haoyang offers high-standard, low-energy, ultra-large data center operator services. They strive to provide customers with customized one-stop new model data center solutions.

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